Rant or Rave: Deborah Lipman Polish

Hello loves! And happy Monday! I have been majorly slacking in the posts department recently, and for that I am so sorry! I’ve worked it into my weekend to write all the posts for this week way in advance, and hope to continue doing that so I’ll have consistent content! With that being said, today I have another review for you!

I recently purchased my first Deborah Lipman polish on a whim at Sephora. The shade “Like Dreamers Do” was on sale for $8.99, which is comparable to OPI or Essie, so I thought, why not! I tried it out for the first time about a week ago when I was home sick, and loved the color. If you have a tan or naturally have medium to dark skintone, you need this color in your life. It also looks amazing with both gold and silver jewelry and is honestly the perfect summer neutral. I was expecting this polish to wear like my Essie polishes do, which is a few days (1-3) without chipping, and then after those couple days about 2 more days before it looks unacceptable and needs to be removed. But… This polish lasted for over a week before it was, what I consider, unacceptable. A WEEK PEOPLE. This blew my mind. And let’s also remember that I work at a summer camp for 40 hours a week, with dirty dirty children, outside, were we swim at least twice a week. And it lasted through all of that. I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t. But with all that being said, this will probably be reapplied weekly for the rest of the summer. Oh, and this polish also dries super fast. Like lightening speed fast. And I, the most impatient person ever, can handle the drying time. It’s amazing. Here are some photos of my best hand modeling:

So on that note, I’m going to head over to sephora and stock up on about 50 other shades from Deborah Lipman. And cross my fingers that all her colors have this lasting power. Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


Rant or Rave: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Hello loves! Today I’m back with another Rant or Rave with you, which is basically my time to tell you if I think a product is amazing, horrible, or somewhere in-between. Today I wanted to share with you, not new to the world, but new to me product that I’ve recently tried. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect royal blue nail polish FOR-EVER. Like years on end. I tried Butler Please by Essie, and it sucked. It royally sucked. It was clumpy, didn’t dry evenly and was seriously just a huge mess. Me and my girlfriends saved that polish for weeks so we could debut it on our spring break, and then ended up smearing it everywhere and making a general mess all over the coffee table of our rented condo. It was real fun. But anyway, I then moved on to try the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in shade 828, Batbano Blue. And whoa baby is this stuff great. For a somewhat incredibly impatient person like myself, drying time on a nail polish is the key to it’s status in my polish collection, and this stuff has amazing dry time. The other amazing thing about this polish is how many coats it needs: ONE. You just have to take your time applying it to make sure it’s evenly applied. Two coats will give you the flawless “I went to a salon for this” manicure, but you can definitely get away with just one coat. I can’t tell you how this wears by itself, because I am a firm believer in the usage of a topcoat at all times, but with either my OPI or Essie top coat, it lasts about 3-4 days without chips, and then usually a good 5-7 days before it gets to the point where I really need to take it off. The only thing I can’t vogue for is the other colors in this same line, I will be trying some out in the next couple weeks though for sure. I’ll probably do another post on the colors I try out, so be on the lookout for that! But for now here are some pics with the Batbano Blue!


One Coat: 


Two Coats:

With Top Coat:


I hope you enjoyed this week’s review, and let me know if you’ve tried out any other colors in this line! I need some suggestions! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette

Spring Nail Polish

Hello loves! Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to bring to you my top must have spring nail polish colors from Essie. Err well top two categories I guess… Spring and summer nail Polish looks so stunning I feel like almost anything looks fantastic against the tan skin in these seasons, so let’s dive in!

No. 1: Muted Hues. I love a good baby blue and baby pink polish just about anytime of the year, but they feel so much more appropriate in spring to me. I am also a huge fan of nude nails in the summer. Yes, you read that right, nude nails. I think the contrast between the lighter polish and the darker skin looks stunning and especially elegant in the summer. I’m also a huge fan of white nails. Like I am obsessed with white nails in the summer, the only problem is you see chips right away with white polish, which kinda sucks…

blanc - sheers by essiebabys breath - sheers by essieromper room - pinks by essiebikini so teeny - blues by essie

{Blanc, Baby’s Breath, Romper Room, Bikini So Teeny}

No. 2: Brights. Spring is the time to have fun with your nails. I’m a huge lover of those bright, slightly audacious colors for spring. The electric blue, tomatoe red, and neon coral are among my most worn favorites.

dj play that song - plums by essiestyle hunter - pinks by essiebouncer its me - blues by essie hip anema - pinks by essie

{DJ Play That Song, Style Hunter, Bouncer, It’s Me!,Hip-Anema}

I hope this gives you all some fun ideas for your next spring mani-pedi! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette