Anxiety: College Edition

I have anxiety. Clinically diagnosed, daily struggling anxiety. It’s something I battle with on a daily basis. You might not notice it because I feel like it’s something I’ve gotten pretty good at disguising. Something an average bystander may not know about anxiety is that a person who deals with it can be completely fine and having a great day until something triggers it. For me, my biggest trigger is situations that I feel I have lost control over. So mystery bus tours, heck no. And if I am not as informed as possible about what will be happening or expected of me in a new environment or situation, I freak out. I have a hard time getting out of my head and just being present in the situation because my mind is whirling a mile a minute about all the possible things that could go wrong or what could be happening next. Throughout the past year I’ve learned some techniques to help ground myself and be present in the situation, but that doesn’t make these instances any less frequent. The reason I guess I’m sharing this so publicly now is that the start of college, moving everything I count important into a new place, having a new home base and place to sleep every night, and all new people, that is my worst nightmare. So adjusting the first couple days/weeks was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I did it. My roommates are amazing and have been there to keep me busy and laughing so I wasn’t in my head too much, they give me space when I need it and keep our suite clean, which helps me so much with not being stressed. And just when I thought I was getting settled into that lifestyle, it came time for recruitment week at my school. Being jam packed with school, recruitment week events, long nights, and homework for a week straight and never knowing what was coming on the Greek side of things was the second most stressful thing to have to go through within one month’s time. As stressed out as recruitment made me, I was able to get a bid from my first pick, the Alpha Gamma Delta’s at my school. I’m still a little stressed out from this week and all the newness Greek life brings, but I think I’m going to love all the support from the amazing girls in my chapter as I go forward in my college career. The reason I chose to tell you all this now, is that I have been MIA for several weeks, and I’m kind of challenging myself to start posting again, as hard as I’m sure that will be to juggle with all my school stuff. Blogging is something that is important to me because it allows me to have a creative output to get some stuff off my chest, and hopefully allows me to help guide a few of you, whether it be in beauty or fashion or life in general. And my next few posts will be my experiences throughout recruitment week at my school. And I guess I wanted you all to know that I had so much anxiety about it kind of throughout the whole process just because of how I am personally before I shared those posts with you, because I probably freaked out way more than was actually necessary. And for those of you who are struggling with anxiety, you’re not alone. Believe me when I say I feel you. I pasted out on a plane one time from being so dehydrated and anxious about flying, but that’s a story for another time. So with ALL of that being said, I hope you enjoy my next few posts on my experiences with the formal recruitment process! (ps, if you’d like me to do more posts on how I deal with my anxiety, I’d love to help if I can! You can always email me too, and we can chat that way!)


The Blonde Brunette