A Little Collegiate Advise

Hello all! So as you know I started college this year, and holy cow has it been an adventure. I joined a sorority, took on some challenging professors, handled some rough roommate situations, and I’ve survived thus far. (cheers to me) Literally everything about your life and what you know changes in college. So here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned from my first semester as a college kid.

To start off with I’ve had to learn how to deal with people who I don’t quite understand all the time i.e. most of my professors. In high school, every assignment is clearly outlined and you know exactly what you have to do to get an A. College is not like that. College is more like, you’re handed a 40 page article that you have to analyze in a 3 page paper written with the literacy capabilities of a Nobel Prize winning author. It’s hard. So how I’ve learned and changed my approach is always asking my professor what he specifically wants for the assignment, and sending them my draft or sitting down with them during their office hour to discuss it. This is a lot more time consuming, but I mean I did manage to get a 4.0 last semester, so clearly it works. Knowing what your professor wants and discussing your interpretation of that can also help you grow as a student as you learn your own strengths and weaknesses.

Another thing I’ve learned is there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. That saying that “even when you think you don’t have homework, you do” is 100% accurate. It’s insane. You need to always know what you have coming up so you can be working ahead on it while also knowing what you have due currently so you can make sure to turn everything in. Life is hectic. I probably would’ve died without scheduling all my obligations in my phone with an alert attached so I wouldn’t miss anything as well as keeping an updated planner with everything I needed to get done, as well as upcoming due dates scheduled in with warnings. You life is going to be non-stop, so also try to schedule in things you enjoy doing, like hanging out with your friends to do something besides study. Managing your time and schedule well is one of the keys to success in college, and possibly beyond. (I don’t know about the beyond part yet, but I’ll let ya know when I get there.)

Your stomach doesn’t want to eat dining hall food all the time. It will tell you that, believe me. So try to have a couple meals a week that are easy on your digestive system. You can get little microwaveable servings of rice at Target that you can pop in for a minute and have a serving of rice ready to go. Grab a steamer bag of frozen vegetables to go along with it and maybe some frozen grilled chicken and bam. A healthy meal straight outta the microwave. And keep fruit and such in your mini fridge. Fueling your body with healthy foods will make you feel 100X better and help you keep up your energy levels with maybe just 2 cups of coffee instead of 10.

Not everyone you meet will be your best friend, and that’s ok. I think going into college I thought I’d find my best friend immediately but it took a little while. And that’s ok. It takes time to really get to know people, and sometimes things come up that make it hard to be friends or things that tear you apart. And that’s ok. Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay there for a long time. But keep being kind and respectful and your truest self you can be and you’ll find a bestie in no time, I promise. I found mine and it took a little trying, and I honestly didn’t even like her at first but now I can’t imagine my life without her.

My last little tidbit is that college has it’s ups and downs and you’ll find that out very quickly. I’ve cried a few times from stress or anxiety or life just being too much to handle. But I’ve laughed till I’ve cried with friends more times than I can count. And I’ve passed more tests than I’ve failed. I’ve been on time to class more times than I’ve been late. You’re going to have rough days, maybe rough weeks, but honestly college is my favorite period of life I’ve been in yet, and I’m excited to see what else it has to offer!

I hope this has helped you a little bit, or amused you at least. Either way I hope you enjoyed. (and side note, as you can probably tell this blog is going to be a little more life style based now that I don’t even have time to shower some days, so stick with me while I get everything sorted.) Thanks for all your love and support from the beginning of this until now, and let’s hope college won’t kill the blog completely!


The Blonde Brunette


Anxiety: College Edition

I have anxiety. Clinically diagnosed, daily struggling anxiety. It’s something I battle with on a daily basis. You might not notice it because I feel like it’s something I’ve gotten pretty good at disguising. Something an average bystander may not know about anxiety is that a person who deals with it can be completely fine and having a great day until something triggers it. For me, my biggest trigger is situations that I feel I have lost control over. So mystery bus tours, heck no. And if I am not as informed as possible about what will be happening or expected of me in a new environment or situation, I freak out. I have a hard time getting out of my head and just being present in the situation because my mind is whirling a mile a minute about all the possible things that could go wrong or what could be happening next. Throughout the past year I’ve learned some techniques to help ground myself and be present in the situation, but that doesn’t make these instances any less frequent. The reason I guess I’m sharing this so publicly now is that the start of college, moving everything I count important into a new place, having a new home base and place to sleep every night, and all new people, that is my worst nightmare. So adjusting the first couple days/weeks was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I did it. My roommates are amazing and have been there to keep me busy and laughing so I wasn’t in my head too much, they give me space when I need it and keep our suite clean, which helps me so much with not being stressed. And just when I thought I was getting settled into that lifestyle, it came time for recruitment week at my school. Being jam packed with school, recruitment week events, long nights, and homework for a week straight and never knowing what was coming on the Greek side of things was the second most stressful thing to have to go through within one month’s time. As stressed out as recruitment made me, I was able to get a bid from my first pick, the Alpha Gamma Delta’s at my school. I’m still a little stressed out from this week and all the newness Greek life brings, but I think I’m going to love all the support from the amazing girls in my chapter as I go forward in my college career. The reason I chose to tell you all this now, is that I have been MIA for several weeks, and I’m kind of challenging myself to start posting again, as hard as I’m sure that will be to juggle with all my school stuff. Blogging is something that is important to me because it allows me to have a creative output to get some stuff off my chest, and hopefully allows me to help guide a few of you, whether it be in beauty or fashion or life in general. And my next few posts will be my experiences throughout recruitment week at my school. And I guess I wanted you all to know that I had so much anxiety about it kind of throughout the whole process just because of how I am personally before I shared those posts with you, because I probably freaked out way more than was actually necessary. And for those of you who are struggling with anxiety, you’re not alone. Believe me when I say I feel you. I pasted out on a plane one time from being so dehydrated and anxious about flying, but that’s a story for another time. So with ALL of that being said, I hope you enjoy my next few posts on my experiences with the formal recruitment process! (ps, if you’d like me to do more posts on how I deal with my anxiety, I’d love to help if I can! You can always email me too, and we can chat that way!)


The Blonde Brunette

College: Wardrobe Essentials

Hello loves! As I’m getting ready for college, I’ve been trying to build up a wardrobe that is both comfortable and stylish. (Because we all know you probably won’t want to be in a stiff button down for a three hour class.) So I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve purchased over the past few months to build up what I think is a versatile wardrobe for everyday life.

My first must have is a Wildfox sweater. I ordered my first Wildfox sweater this summer and OH MY GOODNESS. I cannot handle how soft their sweaters are. I seriously wear mine every night, I am in love. I was wearing the one I had so often that I purchased a second one yesterday actually. Wildfox is known for being on the more expensive side, but if you look on Saks Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack online, they are about half price. (Which is what I recommend.) This is one of the two I own, and it’s $54 at Saks Off Fifth. The other one I purchased was during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, so it’s full priced again, unfortunately. And I recommend either buying your normal size, and if you are in between sizes to size down because they run a bit oversized.

Another must have comfy top would be an oversized long sleeve shirt. These are seriously one of my favorite things to wear no matter how hot or cold it happens to be. (And these are super great for hot days when you’re going from the humidity into a classroom blasting AC.) I love pairing these year round with Nike shorts or leggings. My favorite long sleeve shirts are the Ivory Ella tops I’ve featured before on the blog. Getting the perfect lounging shirt while supporting a great cause? Um yes.

 This brings me to my next must-have: Nike running shorts. I seriously LIVE in these things, all year. It’s becoming a serious issue. That being said, I’ve tried out other brands and I always come back to these. They are both comfortable and flattering, and what more could a girl ask for?

My second choice of bottoms would have to be Fabletics leggings. I purchased an outfit from their online site, and was blown away by the incredible quality of their leggings. I actually prefer them to my Victoria’s Secret ones which were almost twice the price. The Fabletics leggings are thick and hold their shape beautifully, while making your assets look amazing.

Since you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking around campus, comfortable shoes are a must. These Nike Roshe’s are my absolute favorite. They’re incredibly comfortable and they have an array of colors. I’m more of a black or red sneakers type of girl, so I love my black ones, but for any of you who love a good bright running shoe, they have lots of options!

Something you will seriously need when starting school is a good backpack that will hold all your necessities, while not hurting your back too much. I recently ordered this North Face backpack and I am so pleased! It’s super comfortable and has a super handy spot for your laptop. And if you order it on Amazon, it’s much less expensive that ordering from the actual North Face site.

For now, these are my college class fashion essentials. Would you guys want another must have’s on school supplies? I feel like those are a tad on the boring side sometimes, but I am loving my new planner, so let me know! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette