Being a Conservative Christian and a College Student

Long time no blog!! My apologies, college turned out to be a lot more time consuming and a whole life style change I wasn’t exactly prepared for, but more on that later. Today I wanted to address a reoccurring theme I’ve discovered while being a conservative Christian attending a non-Christian college. It opened my eyes to so many new things, and I’m still struggling to find more positives, but I’m working on that one.

First off, let’s start with the stereotypical favorite college pastime: drinking. Holy cow did I luck out, because well I don’t drink. I hate the taste of alcohol and I have an insane fear of throwing up (like I will full on have a panic attack if I think I’m gonna puke, which is just ugh). So drinking for me just isn’t that appealing. And you might be thinking, then how are you “lucky” in this prospective with college? Well, in my friend group everyone either doesn’t drink or drinks pretty responsibly. Which rocks because they don’t judge me for not drinking, they don’t pressure me to drink and I don’t have to deal with many drunk calls at 2am. (Which I genuinely appreciate.) Another reason I’ve chosen not to drink is because I, personally, feel like this sets a bad example for those who are not Christians of what it means to follow Christ. I’m not by any means saying drinking is bad, but for starters I’m not of legal age, and second off it exhibits self control on my part to chose to have fun without it. That all being said, I’m pretty lucky to be accepted by my friends for this choice. I know it’s not popular, and I know I won’t meet as many people because I don’t go out every weekend and I might not seem cool, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means standing up for my values.

Another stereotypical college thing is everyone is hooking up. And wow have I found this one to be true. I was naive enough to not get what someone was asking me about the first time I was asked what my “number was.” And he was asking how many people I’d slept with. (Talk about an awkward question.) But that’s honestly a casual question people will ask you in college if they’re interested. They want to make sure you don’t have anything (cough cough std’s) and know how willing you are to sleep with them. First off, I may be the only person of my generation to not understand the whole wanting to sleep with someone after meeting once, no thanks. And secondly, must we focus every relationship around if we can have sex or not? Honestly. I’m just looking for someone to go on dates with and hang out with, I’d prefer to actually watch Netflix than “Netflix and chill” with you. #sorrynotsorry 

And coming from a Christian grade school and a Luthern high school where I thought that people, in general, didn’t drink too much and were waiting to have sex. But I was wrong. Like 110% wrong. So now comes the hard part. Being different. Just because I’m in a new environment doesn’t mean I’m going to change what I’m doing or how I’m acting. Being a Christian in college means standing up for your beliefs and showing others why life is different as a follower of Christ. And of course we all make mistakes and are obviously not perfect, but most of the time we are the only way some people get to see Christ. Knowing this, it makes how you present yourself seem a little more important, huh? And it’s the little stuff: being on time for class, being attentive and helpful in lectures, being kind and supportive to your friends, forgiving those who don’t necessarily deserve to be forgiven, and lastly one of the hardest ones as a crazy busy college student, making time for God. When you set aside time to do anything, you’re showing it’s an important priority in your life. When others see that no matter how late you were up studying or how little sleep you’ve gotten this week that you still get up for church or that you still stay up and extra 20 min to spend some time with God at the end of your day, that’s being a light to the world. And although my faith is challenged daily in college, I hope and pray I am able to live up to the challenge of being a conservative Christian in a non-Christian college.


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