DIY Tassel Garland

Hello loves! I know I graduated from high school almost 2 months ago, and am actually closer to the college stage of my life, but… My graduation party is THIS WEEKEND. Late? Yes. But my friend Jenna and I really wanted to have our party together, so we made it work! I’m so excited about all the DIY’s we’ve been working on these past few weeks (more like cramming in this week) to decorate with! Our color scheme is gold, white, silver and black which is basically both of our style combined into one. Today I wanted to share with you a DIY tassel garland that would be perfect for any party or possibly dorm decor! So let’s get started!

What you’ll need: your choice of tissue paper (however many colors you’d like), scissors, some sort of string or yarn, and a hot glue gun.   

First off, you’re going to do a lot of folding and cutting, which I’ll be honest is the least fun part. But one of the most important parts. Start off by folding one (or two if you’re trying to produce in bulk) peices of tissue paper and fold it across the long way:

  Then fold that (width way) in half like this:
Then fold it again the width way:

Next you’re going to cut strips from the NON-FOLDED side up, leaving about 1.5 inches uncut at the top:

Unfold this once the width way, and cut down the middle. Then cut the side that you folded, giving you 4 pieces:

Then you’re going to twist the 3 inches of uncut tissue paper:

Then form a loop with the twisted section and glue:

Wait for these to completely dry before going into the next phase which is putting together the actual garland. Once you have all your colors made, create a pattern of some sort to follow and begin glueing the top of each loop to your string or yarn about 1.5 inches apart, like so:


And voila, you have your beautiful garland.

This is kind of a lengthy and boring processes, but the results are definitely Pintrest worthy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY and have a party to whip it out for soon! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette



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