Challenge Monday: Mixing Gems

Hello loves and happy Monday! Yay, the start to another incredibly busy week? Are you excited!? Because I’m definitely not… (Bet you were expecting a different answer there, gotcha.) But anyways, one of my favorite things to do recently has been layering super delicate jewelry with more statement peices because why not? And I feel like it easily makes an outfit 10X more interesting, and my outfit I mean the black cotton shift dress I’ve worn the past 3 days in a row. No shame. But through doing that, I’ve been pairing various different statement peices with my new favorite cross necklace from Dogeared at Nordstrom. (Which I’ll link here.) I really wanted a necklace that was dainty, good enough quality to shower in, and boldly (or daintily) show my faith at school. Because that’s an important part of who I am and I wanted it to be noticable upon meeting me! (And yes, a tattoo would’ve been another great option but they STICK NEEDLES INTO YOUR SKIN, so no thank you.) Anyway, ALL of that being said, let’s jump into this week’s Challenge Monday of pairing dainty jewelry with statement pieces.

Oh also, my favorite part of this Challenge Monday is that you pretty much can’t fudge this up. Here’s how to keep it trés chic: stick to one statement jewelry piece in your whole ensemble. Then, whatever other jewelry you add in stays dainty. So for example, pair your statement necklace with dainty rings and simple diamond studs and boom, done. Or your statement earrings with a few layered necklaces that are, what else, dainty and a simple ring. You’ll look fabulous while still being bling-ed out to the max. Here are some of my favorite examples from Pintrest:

 I hope this has inspired you to try something new with your accessories! I’ve been absolutely loving doing this myself! Have a fabulous day!

The Blonde Brunette


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