The Rebecca Minkoff

Hello loves! Today I have for you a short story and a tale of a wonderful and beautiful purchase. For about 4 years now (yes, you read that right, 4 years) I have been lusting after a Rebecca Minkoff bag. The style that I have wanted has changed over the years as I did some in depth research on each style. First I wanted a Mini Mac, but then I realized that the entire front pocket is basically useless because the clasp is so hard to undo. So that one was out. Then I wanted the larger 5-Zip. I actually brought home a larger 5-zip from Nordstrom rack for an astounding $170 about 6 months ago, but I realized that it was too big and curved around my hip when I wore it, which made it very difficult to zip and unzip. So I returned that. I had just about given up on my hopes and dreams of finding the perfect, and affordable bag from one of my favorite designers, when this Tuesday I was at TJMaxx with my mom. I was wondering aimlessly through the purse section when I spotted a Rebecca Minkoff bag. I always at least pick it up when I see one at TJMaxx or Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off Fifth to see how pricey it still is or if it could even be practical enough for me to use. So I picked up this mini quilted maroon bag and put if over my shoulder. It was the perfect size and one of my favorite colors is maroon, and when I checked the price it had just gone on clearance for $70, which is unheard of for a Rebecca Minkoff Bag. I ran to show my mom and bought it within the next five minutes. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and the long long wait made this deal that much sweeter. So today is a moment of history in my life, my first official designer bag. And I’ll probably keep it forever. So if you have your eyes on a specific designer, keep hunting. You’ll find a great bargain someday and it’ll be the sweetest deal ever.


The Blonde Brunette


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