My Top Five: June 22nd, 2015

Hello loves and welcome to another week! I now fully understand an appreciate the dread of getting back to the grind on Mondays, so for today’s post, I’d like to inspire you to lighten up (literally) with kind of a Challenge Monday/My Top Five combo.

This weekend one of my favorite you-tubers got married and it was seriously the most gorgeous wedding ever. Alexandrea Garza, or now Alex Maddalena, is who I’m referring to. Check her out on YouTube and check our her Instagram for a few snaps from the wedding! But anyway, what that has to do with this post, and the fact that yesterday was the first day of summer, is that this week’s top five are all white outfits. Inspired of course by summer and the lovely Maddalena wedding!



I hope this brightens up your Monday a little big, even if it only brightened up the hue of your computer or phone screen for a bit, I have done by job. Now go out and tackle this week, and have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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