Rant or Rave: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Hello loves! Today I’m back with another Rant or Rave with you, which is basically my time to tell you if I think a product is amazing, horrible, or somewhere in-between. Today I wanted to share with you, not new to the world, but new to me product that I’ve recently tried. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect royal blue nail polish FOR-EVER. Like years on end. I tried Butler Please by Essie, and it sucked. It royally sucked. It was clumpy, didn’t dry evenly and was seriously just a huge mess. Me and my girlfriends saved that polish for weeks so we could debut it on our spring break, and then ended up smearing it everywhere and making a general mess all over the coffee table of our rented condo. It was real fun. But anyway, I then moved on to try the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in shade 828, Batbano Blue. And whoa baby is this stuff great. For a somewhat incredibly impatient person like myself, drying time on a nail polish is the key to it’s status in my polish collection, and this stuff has amazing dry time. The other amazing thing about this polish is how many coats it needs: ONE. You just have to take your time applying it to make sure it’s evenly applied. Two coats will give you the flawless “I went to a salon for this” manicure, but you can definitely get away with just one coat. I can’t tell you how this wears by itself, because I am a firm believer in the usage of a topcoat at all times, but with either my OPI or Essie top coat, it lasts about 3-4 days without chips, and then usually a good 5-7 days before it gets to the point where I really need to take it off. The only thing I can’t vogue for is the other colors in this same line, I will be trying some out in the next couple weeks though for sure. I’ll probably do another post on the colors I try out, so be on the lookout for that! But for now here are some pics with the Batbano Blue!


One Coat: 


Two Coats:

With Top Coat:


I hope you enjoyed this week’s review, and let me know if you’ve tried out any other colors in this line! I need some suggestions! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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