Desk Envy

Hello loves! As I get more and more into this blogging thing, I’m realizing a couple things. One being I seriously need a better camera, and the second thing being that I definitely need some cooler jeans. But never fear, I’m working on getting a new camera and I quite literally just ordered some Rag and Bone jeans that are on there way to my house. (I’m patiently anxiously waiting for those to arrive.) The third and final thing I’ve noticed, is I need to step up my desk game. Have you seen some posts of blogger’s desks? My gosh! They’re immaculate, and perfectly laid out. And there are SO many gold staplers. Seriously, are people using these? Do people who are out of college find the need to staple things? I thought that once I graduate I will never be stapling anything ever again. Although there are far too many beautiful, probably unused staplers out there, I still have major desk envy and will be working to organize and accessorize my desk to match that of my fellow bloggers out there. But before I get my stuff together, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful desks of bloggers I’ve found via Pintrest, shall we?

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Seriously. Gah, if only my desk could look something like one of these. A few trends I’m noticing are:

You need a really good desk chair. Like do not slack in this department. White desks also seem to help with the whole keeping things neat look. (Probably why my black desk looks is so messy, right? Right.) You also need a cup or mug of an extreme amount of pencils or pens. A few desk accessories like gold scissors or a lucite tape dispenser. A vase with flowers, a lamp for lighting, and lastly some type of fashion inspired accessory. Whether that means a fun piece of pop art or a pair of shoes used as a decor piece. Oh, and a Mac. (If that’s in your budget of course.) All very simple things us common folk can add to our existing desks to try to imitate these beauties. Here are some close-ups with a little more detail of specific accessories:

3f9c58e99b5bf9add3af75bd10b9b3f5 5e289efe069f28d218830f502683abc3 08b9ee39ab13b7d4227a407eea577446 758bce36a8bb514a723bab9502b9f8f2 234931093e80c94becc1ee0f06bb414a ed59a28f78f62d96596a859315c47487


{Photos via:,,,,,,,,,,}

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little desk inspiration post and maybe you can do a little spring/summer cleaning up of your own desk space! Hopefully within the next few months I’ll have my desk situation all taken care of, you know, just in time to leave for college. Anyway, have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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