Store Spotlight: Loft

Hello loves! My deepest apologies for not posting yesterday, it has been one crazy busy week. I’m trying to spend as much time with my friends as possible before we all have to start working our summer jobs and try to work around those schedules. So this week has included many get togethers, and so far only one beach day, but there will be more to come I’m sure. Anyway, today I wanted to give you guys a store spotlight because I feel like I haven’t done one of those in awhile and I’m obsessed with some pieces at Loft right now. As I was going through the things I wanted to show you guys, I decided I’m only showing you the things I would for sure buy, which is like almost everything, but still, it rules out a couple items so maybe, just maybe I can cut this down in length a little bit. Without further a-do, let’s jump into this!

My first pick is this halter top. I love the fun palm leaf print, it’s not too cheesy, and how cute would this look with some crisp white jeans?


My favorite blouse of all time is also at Loft right now. Feast your eyes on this beauty. I’m seriously obsessed. I love the unexpected lace print, and this seems like a relatively sweat-proof blouse for the summer. (PS they also have a dress version of this that is incredibly cute, but I didn’t want to include two of basically the same thing, so here is the link to that as well.)


My next pick is possibly the cutest, while still classy dress ever. Those are palm leaves in the lace detailing people, palm leaves. AH.

And this beach coverup is everything. Holy smokes. Is it not everything you’d hope for in the perfect easy breezy coverup?

For your summertime wardrobe to be complete, you really must have a good pair of light wash jeans. And these are just about perfect. I like that they have a tiny bit of distressing, but nothing too crazy so they can still be dressed up quite a bit.

To go with the jeans, you might as well grab a good pair of high waisted and slightly slouchy shorts to go with. You know, to wear on your days off. These shorts are my favorite from Loft’s current collection. (The t-shirt she’s wearing also looks like the comfiest thing ever, so here’s the link to that as well.)  

Lastly, I’ve never owned a denim skirt in my life, but I might have to try out this one. I like that it’s almost white, but not quite so you can still tell it’s a true denim skirt.

 I hope you all enjoyed my picks, and maybe it has inspired you to do some weekend shopping! (PS I pinned all these to my Pinterest board for the blog as well so you’d have easy access that way! Search my account as: Annalies Richmond) Either way, spend some time outdoors if you can, as we get into the beautiful summer season! Have a fabulous weekend!


The Blonde Brunette


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