Rant or Rave: Simple Micellular Cleansing Water

Hello loves and happy Tuesday! I know these posts are usually reserved for Monday’s, but I really wanted to get this one into this week somehow. So here’s a rant or rave on a Tuesday!

I recently tried out Simple’s cleansing water. This was a big deal because it’s the drugstore answer to the Bioderma cleansing water that is exclusively available in Paris, but is apparently a life changing skincare product. I haven’t had the pleasure of going to Paris is pick up a bottle and try out, but judging by the reviews, it must be magical. That being said, I was super excited to try out, what I expected to be a pretty close dupe for the Bioderma cleansing water. The simple cleansing water claims to remove makeup, oil, and dirt while hydrating and cleansing the skin. I had been using this for about 2-3 days straight to take off my makeup at night when I started to breakout and my skin began to get very oily, which is rare for me given that I have dry to combination skin. I kept using it to see if maybe my skin was just irritated by something else, but after a couple more days my breakouts continued to get worse and my skin was still extra oily. I am not a fan of this product for the obvious reason that is made me break out, but for a few other reasons as well. After using it, it leaves an incredibly oily residue on your skin, not the hydrating “I just used a really great face mask/moisturizer” kind of feeling I was expecting. This product does remove face make up, such as foundation and concealer very well, but for eye makeup, I much prefer an actual eye makeup remover. Overall, I would give this a 1 out of 5 stars because it does remove face makeup well, but everything else about it kind of sucks. I really doubt it truly removed all my makeup and the dirt on my face if I was still breaking out a lot more than usual.

Not to be a downer, but I wanted to give you guys an honest review and a fair warning if you were thinking of trying out this product. I tried it out way to close to prom for my liking, but thankfully most of my breakouts cleared up just in time! I hope you’ve found this review helpful and have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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