Jewlery Staples 

Hello loves! I’ve been wanting to do a post about jewlery staples for awhile now for a few reasons. The main one being, I am the kind of person who cannot leave the house without a few pieces of jewlery. My outfit feels incomplete and I feel like I’m forgetting something all day if I forget my bling. That being said, let’s jump into my jewlery must-have’s.

Stacking Bracelets. These three bracelets are something I wear just about everyday, and they go with everything. These three are always part of my stack, I can add bulkier or more colorful bracelets if I want to play up my arm candy for the day.

Statement Watch. I am obsessed with this watch. Every time I wear it I just feel happy and super fashionable all day, no idea why. This is actually a useful accessory too, which is always a plus. I love statement watches because they make a statement while still looking put together and professional.

Delicate Rings. I also feel weird if I don’t have a ring on my index finger because I’m that used to wearing one of these two. They make your nails pop and add a subtle bit of personality to your outfit, and I am a massive fan.


 Neutral Studs. Studs are super easy to just throw on and add some sparkle to your look. Diamond or crystal studs are an absolute must. These work best with statement necklaces and other statement pieces. I also love my Kendra Scott geode studs because they’re a little more trendy and still go with everything.

  Neutral Statement Necklace. This is my most worn statement necklace, I throw it on just about any time I get the chance. It punches up any outfit and adds a good amount of bling to your look without bein overwhelmed.

Pendant Necklace. A long pendant necklace elongates your body by drawing the eye straight up and down your body. So this kind of necklace is great to throw on with a slouchy tshirt or sweater or layer up with other necklaces for a cute casual look.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my jewlery staples. What’s your jewlery must have? Let me know in the comments below. On that note, have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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