Rant or Rave: Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo

Hello loves! Happy Monday! Today I have another Rant or Rave review for you on a new highlighter I’ve been trying out, the Too Faced Candlelight Highlighter. (That’s what we’re calling it, because the actual name is just too darn long.)

Personally, I’m a huge fan of dewy glowing skin that has a “your skin but better” kind of feel. I don’t have particularly oily skin, so I don’t really have a problem with looking too oily when I do choose to wear highlighter to give my skin a nice healthy glow. I’d been using a stick highlighter from Benifit that I got as a sample a long time ago called Watts Up? I liked the glow it gave me, but it was really difficult to apply over my face makeup without taking off or smearing what I had already applied. So I finally thought it was time to try something new. I’d heard a lot about the Too Faced Candlight Highlighter, and since I was so impressed with the tinted moisturizer which I did a review on (here). This highlighter comes in a compact with a mirror, which is super handy to have in your makeup bag, and comes in a powder from with 2 different shades on either side of the compact. I usually just mix the two colors together, but you could easily use them one at a time. One side has a more pink undertone, while the other side has more of a champagne undertone. You’ve probably guessed from the fact that I’ve had nothing bad to say so far that I am a fan of this product. Is it the best highlighter ever? The jury is still out on that one, but it is a good solid highlighter. It doesn’t have any glitter in it, which I like, because having glitter falling down your face during the day is never a fun time. I really do like the effect this gives me though, I feel like it makes me look a lot healthier and like I take super good care of my skin. I also love the fact that this is a powder because it makes it super easy to apply and blend in over my face makeup without ruining it. So overall, I would give this highlighter a rave review. It is a really good highlighter, I think I just had super high expectations because of all the hype around it, that it would make me look like a glowing goddess or something. I’ll give you another update in 2 weeks as a side note on my next review, so stay tuned for that!



{The one on the left is the lighter shade and the one on the right is the pinker shade.}

I hope you’ve found this review helpful, and stay tuned for another update in the upcoming weeks! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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