Spring Shoes

Hello loves! As the weather gets warmer, and we start putting away the winter boots,  I wanted to share with you a handful of new spring shoes to get you excited about the warm weather ahead. I have a 2 sandals, 2 flats, and 2 heels to show you today, so let’s get started!


For my first sandals pick, I chose this pair of gladiators by Ralph Lauren. I’m in love with these shoes because they feels like an updated classic, and will go with just about everything. I honestly might pick up a pair of these for myself soon.


My second pick is a little more modern, and I think I love these even more than the first pair. This pair comes in a variety of different color options, but my favorite is the silver and taupe pair. Mercanti Fiorentini is the designer of this pair.



My first pick is a very trendy pair of flats by Jessica Simpson. I love the lace up detail on the front of these, and the fact that they’re still a neutral shoe, while being a little more interesting than your basic flat.


My second pair is a bright color, perfect for spring! I love the teal leather of these flats. They make a statement without being impractical for pairing with outfits.



My first pick for heels is this pair of silk watercolor pumps by BCBG. Let’s just take a moment of silence for them.


For my second pick, I wanted to show you this pair of super versatile and wearable wedges. I love how simple they are, yet they don’t look like a wedge you’d see everyone and their mother wearing.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my shoe picks for the season, and I hope they’ve gotten you a little more excited for spring! (Maybe even inspired a little shopping trip.) Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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