Challenge Monday: Black and White

Hello loves! Happy Monday! For today’s Challenge Monday, I wanted to challenge you all to try one of the spring trends that is prominent this season: black and white. I love this as a trend for spring, it’s definitely a great transition from winter into spring, so we can all ease our way out of our black obsessed winter looks. For this trend, there aren’t really “rules” for pulling this off, it’s pretty simple. So for my tips and tricks today, I wanted to share with you some different things to consider when picking out your outfit. Pick whichever one feels best for you!

No.1 Spring Textures. To make any black and white outfit more spring appropriate, focus on picking pieces that have lighter or more lady-like elements, such as lace, floral or geometric patterns. This gives your outfit some interest and makes your two-tone look stand out even more.



No.2 Keep It Classic. I am a huge fan of an effortless outfit of classics. So pull out your tried and true black jeans, and your classic white button down, maybe a boyfriend fit one if you have it. Throw on some delicate jewelry and a stack of rings. Then just grab some flats or heels and your purse and you’re good to go, looking effortlessly chic.



No. 3 Keep it Casual. All our basics are in black and white, tshirts, jeans, you name it! I love the effortless look that black and white can give when paired together, it looks like you didn’t have to try hard yet still look incredibly we’ll put together. Here is my favorite causal look from Pintrest.



No. 4 Keep It Simple. Mixing plain black and white together and keeping it simple also makes a great impression. I love this outfit because it’s so easy! I’m sure all of you have a LBD or a LWD that you can pair with the opposite color shoes, and bam. Outfit complete.



I know this is a super easy Challenge Monday, but all that means is you have no excuses this week! Share your outfits using the hashtag: #ChallengeMonday so I can see your outfits! Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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