Spring Beauty Trends

Hello loves! Today I wanted to share with you some of the new trends in beauty that are straight off the runways. I’m actually pretty excited about these trends because they’re 100% doable, and most of them are pretty easily accomplished. No 3 hour hairstyles included, thank goodness.

No. 1: Plum. Normally, this is a fall or winter color, but brighter plums are a new spring trend, and I kind of love it. It gives a flushed “just worked out” kind of flush and for the lips, it’s a nice change from the typical neon pink we see every year. This pop also looks amazing with a simple makeup look to really accent the color.

{image: issuu.com}

No. 2: Strong Dark Liner. This I’m not so sure how I feel about for spring. It’s a little dark for my taste, but I think it can definitely be a beautiful look. Definitely let this be the only standout in your makeup look, we don’t want super heavy makeup. Lilly Colins does it just right in this shot.

{image: listal.com}

No. 3: Bold Red Lips. As the classic clothing trends are coming back, naturally the makeup is coming back with it. Personally, I love a good red lip. To update this for spring, go for bright cherry red or something a little more punchy. Think the opposite of your perfect holiday red.

{image: theultralinx.com}

No. 4: Negative Space Maincures. This is a cool new trend that I’m a fan of. Negative space manicures are basically when you leave part of your nail bare, so you’re raw nail is part of the design. It looks incredibly high fashion and gives you an instant cool girl vibe. (Also, so much less chipping!)

{image: websta.me}

No. 5: Baby Soft Nails. I am super pumped that this is a trend, this kind of sections off the best and brightest of the pastel shades one can choose. Think baby blue, and baby pink. Those are by far the two best pastel nail shades in my opinion, so I’m glad they’re getting their time in the spotlight.

{image: feedly.com}

No. 6: Undone Hair. Yes. The lazy girl in me rejoices. Anytime my naturally curly and unruly hair is made socially acceptable, and even fashion forward I rejoice. Loose falling out hairstyles are all the rage going into spring, so it’s a happy time.

{image: blogs.babble.com}

No. 7: Reinvented Braids. You thought we were done with braids, didn’t you? We’re not. They’ve been reimagined, fishtails are one of the new fads. So continue to throw your hair up in a braid, maybe try a new style or placement to keep updated.

{image: blog.freepeople.com}

No. 8: Low Ponytails and Buns. Hallelujah. As a girl with thick long hair, piling it all on top of my head has induced many headaches in my young life, and I’ve always preferred low buns and ponies anyway. They give off a more effortless romantic vibe, which seems to be a theme here.

{image: ehow.com}

No. 9: Air-Dried Hair. Again, YES. This spring the hair is going to be effortless and super boho. Also, air drying your hair equals tons of texture and less heat damage to your hair, which is never a bad thing.

{image: equipmenter.com}

I hope this post has inspired you to try some of these new spring trends this season. And hopefully you’re just excited about them as I am. Have a fabulous weekend!


The Blonde Brunette


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