Easy Updates: Springtime Home

Hello loves! This week all my posts are themed around the idea of transitioning into spring, because I am so ready for spring to be here! So today I wanted to talk about how to update your home for spring!

No. 1: Throw Pillows. This is one of my favorite ways to quickly transition a space. Hopefully you have relatively neutral furniture to work with, aside from a few accent pieces. If you have accent pieces, pull your favorite colors from them that remind you of spring. I’m not going to tell you what colors are representative of spring or not. For me, my favorites are bright red, royal blue, and kelly green. If you have all neutral pieces, this is super easy for you! Go shopping and pick out a few items to inspire the color scheme for your room. Here are some of my favorite examples of throw pillows that liven up a room:

{image: markergirl.com}

{image: mckennableu.com}

{image: nicety.livejournal.com}

No. 2: Lighter Textures. It’s time to pack up the faux fur and the heavy knits for the season. Let’s bring out the linens and canvas. By taking out heavier fabrics from a room, it instantly makes the room feel more open and less like a cozy little nook. (Which is great in the winter, don’t get me wrong, but you don’t want to be sweltering in the heat this spring and summer.) This one is pretty simple, but I found a few examples for ya anyway:

{image: goodhousekeeping.com}

{image: caitlinwilson.com}

{image: shop.theeverygirl.com}

No. 3: Natural Elements. Living greenery is what I mean by this, ladies and gentleman. We all think of the new life that comes with spring, and while the grass probably hasn’t quite caught up with our enthusiasm, indoor plants will. Greenery gives a more a live and fresh feeling to any space. And there are easy solutions for those of you (like me) who do not have a green thumb. Bamboo plants or succulents are for you my fellow plant killers. Both of these two plants don’t require daily care, which is awesome. I’m pretty sure I’ve killer and resurrected my bamboo plant twice now, and it’s still doing its thing! Another great way to add life, is simply with fresh flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers, to the point where I prefer them more than chocolate as a gift. So I love them a lot. Here are some of my favorite example of fresh greens:

{image: atthepicketfence.com}

{image: chiconashoestringdecorating.blogspot.com}

{image: simplyklassichome.com}

Bonus: here are some of my absolute favorite spring decorating picks from the on and only Pintrest.

{image: jonesdesigncompany.com}

{image: traditionalhome.com}

{image: southernpiphi.tumblr.com}

I hope this has inspired you and given you some ideas on how to give your home a little update for the upcoming season! I love doing home posts, so let me know what you thought of this in the comments below. Also, if you want to see where I get all these, follow me on Pintrest: Annalies Richmond. Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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