Valentine’s Day: “Dates”

Hello loves! For the second day of this Valentine’s Day week, I wanted to give you some ideas on how to spend this Saturday. I’ve also added in some DIY gifts to go with each option. Let’s dive in!
My first themed day and DIY gift is a movie date. This works for all my single ladies, as well as those of you spending your night with a special someone. Like I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of movies and this sounds like a fun and chill way to spend the night. If you’re spending the evening with your girls, I’d suggest either The Other Woman, or Life As We Know It. Spending it with your significant other? Then I’d suggest a Nicholas Sparks movie, or The Avengers. I’m more of an action packed thriller girl myself. The DIY gift for this is super simple, and will surely be used.

What you’ll need: 1 large popcorn bowl, packages of microwave popcorn, boxed candy, and a movie or two of your choice. Top it off with a bow and you have a thoughtful, and relatively inexpensive gift to go perfectly with your night in.

My next date idea is for either single ladies or those with a love interest. A fun date would be to cook dinner together! I love cooking with other people, that way I don’t get all the blame if it doesn’t turn out. This way you also won’t have to fight the hoards of people that are out and about on Valentine’s Day. (Especially this year, with it being on a Saturday and all.) The DIY gift to go with this is by far the simplest: baking. All guys love getting food as gifts, and to be quite honest, I would never complain over fresh baked cookies myself. Might I suggest my Molasses Cookies?

My last idea is one solely for the single ladies out there. This entails a spa night in with your girls. Lather on the face masks, grab your favorite nail polish and curl up to spend a relaxing night in. If you’re of age, I would also suggest some wine, it seems right for the occasion. The DIY gift to go along with this I like to call “Spa In a Jar.”

What you’ll need: a mason jar, a nail polish of your choice, a face mask sample, fuzzy socks, a nail file, and anything else you can possibly fit in that jar. This is a simple gift that’s also incredibly useful; I know any gal would love it.

Those are my three Valentine’s Day idea and DIY gifts! I hope you enjoyed, and consider trying one of them yourself! Have a fabulous day!
The Blonde Brunette


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