Valentine’s Day: Gift Guide

Hello loves! Welcome to the first day of an entire week dedicated to the national holiday of love: Valentine’s Day. If you’re like me, you may be single and not love Valentine’s Day that much, but hang on a second before you jump ship. This is not just a holiday for couples who are all over each other, this is a holiday all about celebrating all of the people in our lives that show us love all year round. Personally, I’ll be spending the day with my closest friends and will be pampering myself just the same for dinner with them as I would if I had a boyfriend. So with that all being said, let’s jump into this week on a positive note!

Today’s post is going to be focused on some of my top picks for gifts perfect for this occasion. These are great to give to your mom, sister, or your girlfriends. I tried to do a range of prices so you can pick which one best suits what you can spend. My top picks include: 3 of my favorite rollerball perfumes, 3 pieces of jewelry and a few random additions as well.

No.1: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. This is my all time favorite perfume, my signature scent, my go-to, you get the point… I love how light and fresh the scent is and I feel it works for many occasions. I’m going to direct you to the description of the scent on , since I am no perfume expert and have no idea what notes are in it. I will say though, it is definitely a floral perfume with a bit of musk to it, which I love.

No.2: Elizabeth and James Nirvana. This comes as a rollerball duo with both their Nirvana White perfume, a lighter floral scent, and their Nirvana Black perfume, which is a more musky nighttime scent. One of the huge advantages to this duo, is you can layer them and they still smell fantastic. So if you wear Nirvana White during the day and it’s still lingering by the time you want to go out at night, no problem! Pop on some Nirvana Black for your night adventures and you’re good to go.

No.3: Tory Burch. Everyone flipped out when Tory Burch came out with her first ever perfume, and I completely understand why. It as just as classic and loveable as all the clothing and accessories she’s known for. This perfume features peony and sandalwood, along with many other notes. All I have to day is you did good Tory Burch, you did good.

No. 4: For the ladies in your life who love a good statement piece, I have just the thing. The Fringe Fir Drops Earrings from Baublebar. I am obsessed with these. Obsessed. I want them in my life, so a personal recommendation from The Blonde Brunette herself, buy these.

No. 5: The new and improved studs: Tessa Silver Earrings by Kendra Scott. I received these as a Christmas gift, and they are seriously my favorite earrings ever. They’re high quality, so they won’t break or cause any reactions. I am absolutely in love, and how unique is the geode-like stone?

No. 6: I am a huge fan of the new Pandora Leather Bracelets. They make an excellent gift because you can customize them by the color of leather, and whatever charms you choose to add on. I also received one of these as a gift and love wearing mine for stacking. I also gave my mom one for her birthday, which she loves. This just proves how great this gift is for women of all ages.

No. 7: We all have a friend who is obsessed with their pet, and to be honest, who doesn’t love an adorable animal accessory? I bring to you the Garland Pet Collar from Baublebar. I just about died when I stumbled upon this, and my dog would totally be rocking this if my parents would allow it.

No. 8: My last gift suggestion is something I will admit I have been tempted to buy myself, but can’t justify why I would need another one. That is the new Victoria by Victoria Beckham Nail Polishes. I love everything about this. I love the packaging, the colors, the size of the polish, just everything. A round of applause to Victoria Beckham for creating two of the most classic colors that we all have, but all want HER specific shades. Whomever you gift this to will definitely not be disappointed.

You thought I was done, but no… How could I forget about the boys? Since well, they are so much easier to buy for, here are my top four picks for the men in your life. And to me, that means the top picks in watches and cologne.

No. 1: One of my closest friends got this cologne for Christmas, and I love it, so I’m passing it on as one of my top two for you. The Tommy Hilfiger “Man” Cologne. I know we all have our own opinions on how we want guys to smell, and personally, I’m a fan of this one. (I couldn’t find a roller-ball size of this cologne, my apologies.)

No. 2: My second cologne pick is actually my favorite of the two, save the best for last right? This is another recommendation from one of my friends. (I don’t go around smelling men often, I promise.) Polo’s Black wins this dual for my favorite. It just smells great, I can’t really describe it, but I know it is one of their most popular scents. I most definitely recommend this one.

No. 3: My first watch pick is a little less expensive than the other, but I think the Warin Watch from Aldo is killer. I would suggest this for a younger more fashionable guy. But seriously, this thing is stunning. Like I would probably steal if I gave this as a gift.

No. 4: My second watch pick is definitely more classic, and almost exactly $20 more. Which I justify by the fact that this watch comes with 2 bands, one leather and one linked. This watch is by Flud, and is the Moment Interchangeable Watch. I absolutely love the blue watch face, but they also carry it in green if that’s more to your taste.

There, now I’m seriously done with the gift guide… For today that is. Tomorrow, look forward to some ideas on how to spend your valentines day and DIY gifts to go along with each idea. I hope this will help you pick out some great gifts for your loved ones. And remember, it’s not the size or price of the gift that counts, it’s the thought behind it. So even if a homemade card is what you choose to give this year, its is just as valuable, if not more, than any other gift. Have a fabulous day!


The Blonde Brunette


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